24 November, etc.venues Monument, London

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8:30 - 9:00 | Registration & coffee

9:00 - 9:10 | Welcome - Jonathan Swift, claims club chairman, Insurance Post

9:10 - 9:45 | The future of Alternate Dispute Resolution

Unveiling its recent interim report into the future role of ADR, the Civil Justice Council concluded that it had not achieved the wider acceptance that was intended - and indeed expected - at the time of the Woolf Reform.

With the CJC now seeking written submissions on its findings and recommendations, this session will explore the reasons it is not used more frequently; how it could be better maximised; what future it might have in a digital age; and whether mandatory mediation is a viable solution.

Tony Allen, consultant, the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution and member of the CJC ADR working party


9:45 - 10:10 | The fraudster within

In recent months there have been a number of high profile stories regarding insurer employees who have been found to be facilitating fraud activities, by way of passing data on to criminals.

In this session we will hear how an insurer caught an employee who had accepted a bribe from a claims management company in order to leak confidential information.

We will hear how its rigorous internal systems detected fraudulent activity, how it conducted a swift and thorough internal investigation which resulted in the employee's case being passed to IFED, and what lessons others might learn from its experience.

Angela Brown, head of special investigations, LV


10:10 - 10:40 | Breakfast and networking


10:40 - 11:50: The problem with insurance is ...

In this session we will look at how insurers, and more specifically those working within claims, can help to address long standing reputational issues regarding insurance, which do not help it in terms of perception among the media and public.

Junking insurance jargon with juniors
As a sector, one of the accusations that has been levelled at insurance is that it relies too heavily on jargon and confusing phrases to help refute claims. In order to put this stereotype to bed Covea recently brought together a group of teenagers and asked them to decipher its policy wordings, and help make these documents easier to understand by doing simple things like replacing words like ‘premium' with price. In this session some of those involved with the project will explain what it did, and the positive outcomes that have been achieved.

Donna Baker, product development manager and Vicki Heslop, head of customer claims - personal lines, Covea


Pirates, sharks and putting other stereotypes to the sword
As claims professionals we would love to think that delivering great customer outcomes at the moment of truth would instil loyalty in these policyholders.
Unfortunately, headlines over the summer liking insurers to ‘sharks' and ‘pirates' claimed that the spectre of dual pricing means that those that do not shop around every year are actually being penalised for their inertia, claim or no claim.
Here consumer champion James Daly will offer his views on whether the situation is retrievable - and how insurers could once again make themselves more palatable to the general public.


James Daley, managing director, Fairer Finance


Repairers and repairing reputations
Over the summer insurers got another lashing in the national press and on social media, being accused of inflating repair cost invoices on third-party claims. Here self-proclaimed ‘poacher turned game keeper' Tim Kelly, will tell a few home truths as to how he sees it, to help trigger a debate about how the situation could be improved to prevent future headlines like: "Drivers overcharged for motor insurance as firms use secret deals to inflate repair costs by up to 100pc".


Tim Kelly, director, Motor Claims Guru

12:00 End of Meeting