Claims Club Meeting 1 Agenda


Handling claims in a digital age: How insurtechs are changing customer expectations at the moment of truth

09:10 - 10:20

In this session we will hear from - and have a chance to question - a number of people who manage claims on behalf of the new breed of insurtech start-ups; businesses looking to reinvent the customer journey from cradle-to-grave, using the latest technology to make it as seamless and frictionless as possible.

Among the topics we will seek to address are:

  • What is the insurtech difference when it comes to claims handling?
  • What lessons have insurtechs learnt from other sectors – and incumbent insurers – in modelling what to do (and not to do) regarding their claims processes?
  • What makes a good insurtech claims manager/handler in terms of skillset and background?
  • Insource versus outsource; traditional insurers have boasted that as the moment of truth claims should largely be handled in house; how true is this with start-ups?
  • If working with third parties, how do you align their processes/culture with your own to create a frictionless claims journey, with as few (or many) touch points as the policyholder demands?

More Panelists TBC

Val Uvarov

Head of Claims


Val is the Head of Claims at Zego and leads the company's European claims management capability. Prior to taking on the role, he was integral in launching Zego's flagship pay-as-you-go motor insurance products and later establishing the company as its own fully-fledged insurance carrier.

Prior to joining Zego in 2017, Val worked as a management consultant at PwC, specialising in digital strategy and operations for financial services clients.

Val is also a prizewinning graduate of the London School of Economics, where he specialised to a master's level in the managerial, ethical and societal impacts of technological innovation.

Christine Matthew

Head of Claims

Bought by Many

Christine Matthews is Head of Claims at insurtech Bought By Many. With over 30 years industry experience, Christine held several senior positions at AXA before joining Bought By Many. Playing a key part in developing Bought By Many's innovative claims process, Christine is helping them make insurance better for everyone by simplifying and shortening the claims cycle for vets and customers. 

Bought By Many was recently awarded the Contribution to Gender Diversity Award at the Women in Insurance Awards, and was named the UK's most trusted pet insurer by MoneyWise last year. 


Networking Session

10:20 - 11:50


Catching a cold: What is the solution to the CMC nuisance call epidemic that blights Britain?

10:50 - 11:50

In this session Claims Club members will hear from Aviva about how research it has carried out proves that cold callers continue to flout the law.

Despite the introduction of new rules designed to protect consumers – such as the Financial Guidance and Claims Act 2018, which stipulates firms require consent from the person they are calling – there is still a clear need to monitor and enforce compliance to improve consumer protection.

We will hear about the rise in a black market for car accident data and how Aviva is proposing that solicitors should declare the means by which the client was obtained, and through which business the client was referred.

The ultimate aim being that increased transparency will improve confidence in the claims process - and help restore some much-needed credibility to the injury claims arena.

Andrew Morrish

UK GI Claims Director


Andrew is the UK P&C Claims Director at Aviva. He’s a life-long insurance guy with a passion for customers and technology. With an unusual combination of experience in IT, Change and Insurance he leads the development of digital and analytics solutions aiming to make claims service effortless, fast and fair. He has delivered industry-level technology change and is a regular spokesperson on industry issues and reforms.    

Andrew is a trustee of two UK-based charities, with particular interest in education and social care provision in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. He is married with three children. 

He is a Chartered Insurer and holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Warwick University.


Combatting Commercial Property Fraud

10:40 - 11:50

In this session we will hear about how Zurich Insurance helped identify and investigate what IFED considers the largest commercial insurance fraud conspiracy resulting in five men being sentenced to a collective 14 years in prison.

Post Claims Club members will learn about how that between December 2012 and April 2016 the gang identified four bars and one restaurant across England and one by one they used them to facilitate their fraud using the same ‘MO’ of escape of water from a burst pipe. After leasing each of the properties using a shell company, they proceeded to incept a total of 26 commercial property policies, each with a different insurer, and then make a fraudulent claim on each policy.

The presentation will highlight how they perpetrators were brought to justice; what lessons can be learnt; and how processes can be improved to prevent similar frauds happening again. 

Scott Clayton

Head of Claims

Zurich Insurance

During over 30 years with Zurich, Scott has handled claims across all lines of business and all distribution channels and, in a previous role, headed up the Chief Executive’s Complaints Team. For the last 15 years, Scott has been responsible for managing and developing the claims fraud proposition across the General Business in the UK. With a team of over 50 and cutting edge tools and technology, the Claims Investigation Unit have achieved notable success and industry recognition. He chairs Zurich’s Global Fraud Network and is a member of the Association of British Insurers General Insurance Fraud Committee.